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Customer, Business to Business and Employee Surveys

Respondents for email online surveys are recruited for participation through email invitation. MaCorr can use client provided contact lists or draw respondents from the MaCorr Web Panels - large, demographically and geographically representative, Internet-based panels for consumer and customer surveys, business to business surveys and employee surveys.

When 90% of adult population in North America have Internet access, advantages of email based online surveys become undeniable.

Major benefits of email online surveys and web panel research:

Online Surveys - Free Market Research Consultation

  • North American and worldwide coverage
  • Cost efficient (significantly cheaper vs. equivalent phone survey)
  • Short reply times (2-5 days) and high response rate (over 50%)
  • High accuracy - statistically representative of the targeted population
  • No need to collect demographic information during the survey (the data is collected during the panels design process)
  • Direct targeting - since demographic and other information is available, we can target specific population groups (women, families with children, certain age groups, specific geographic locations, etc.)
  • Supports consistent follow-up analysis of virtually the same sample (change in awareness level before and after advertising, etc.)
  • Allows incorporating visual effects and objects (pictures, movies, music, etc.)

Panels recruitment sources:

  • Web advertising (google, yahoo, msn, etc.)
  • Permission-based databases (loyalty cards, airmiles, etc.)
  • Public relations (local newspapers’ web portals)
  • Partner-recruited specialty panels
  • Alliances with heavily trafficked portals (,, etc.)

Email based online surveys can often meet the requirement for targeting population - customer surveys, business-to-business research or employee surveys.

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