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Customer Surveys

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Customer Surveys

Your relationship with your customers is a valuable asset. Whether your company is big or small, the vitality of your business depends on understanding of your customers’ perceptions, experience, satisfaction and loyalty. Regular customer surveys is the key to understanding your customers’ needs.

MaCorr Research conducts a wide range of customer (consumer and business to businss) surveys designed to address clients’ specific objectives and requirements:

Customer Surveys - Free Market Research Consultation

  • Customer satisfaction and engagement surveys
  • Brand awareness, brand image, brand loyalty and positioning surveys
  • Customer experience and loyalty surveys
  • Market segmentation and profiling studies
  • Customer and consumer opinion and feedback surveys
  • Product or service concept testing surveys (usability and feasibility testing)
  • Advertizing effectiveness and graphic design testing surveys
  • Buying habits, and more...

Customer and consumer surveys help you understand:

  • Awareness, expectation and satisfaction for your brand versus your competitors'
  • Demographics of your target audience, including: age, gender, income, marital status, educational level and leisure activities
  • Why people make certain purchasing decisions
  • When and where people shop
  • If people have a need for your product or service
  • If there is an untapped market for your product or service
  • People's buying habits
  • Advertising approaches and graphic designs
  • Price elasticity, and more...

What our clients say about MaCorr:

"I am going into my 6th fiscal quarter working with MaCorr on our Customer Satisfaction program.
Qualitative research into the industry, professionalism, attention to detail and ability to find actionable insight from the survey has been critical to the continued success of several XM Radio projects.
MaCorr Research has created a decisive questionnaire which leaves little room for ambiguity and leads to concise, meaningful feedback from our customer base. The analyses provided is well laid out, and clearly presented to ensure we are aware of trending shifts, and areas which require our attention are clearly identified.
Aside from providing excellent service to my team, the MaCorr Research questionnaire and live telephone interviews, are conducted professionally and unobtrusively – I have not received any negative feedback from the customer base regarding the execution or content of the survey."
Customer Loyalty Manager, XM Satellite Radio

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