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Business to Business Research

Business to business surveys help your company make business decisions with confidence by gathering market intelligence regarding opinions, trends and competitive landscape. Business to business research will assist you in building brand awareness and branding marketing strategies you need to better position your company and brand in the competitive marketplace.

Business to business research provides insightful information about:

Business to business surveys - Free Market Research Consultation

  • Awareness, expectation and satisfaction for your brand versus your competitors'
  • Brand awareness and image, brand loyalty and positioning
  • Why business people make certain purchasing decisions
  • If there is a need and market for your product or service
  • Advertising effectiveness and appeal
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Competitive pricing, and more...

MaCorr has access to a wide variety of business and professional panels in North America and worldwide including health care, HR, finance and IT professionals, business executives and decision makers, small and medium business owners and many more.

Our industry experience includes consumer packaged goods, entertainment, software and hardware, manufacturing, health care financial services, telecommunications, retail, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, government, non-profit and academia.

What our clients say about MaCorr:

"MaCorr has offered fast and cost effective ways of reaching our target markets. The online survey methodology offered provided significant advantages when evaluating service concepts."
Marketing Manager, CBS

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