Global Consumer Trends: Fight Against Climate Change

For many consumers, COP26 and other global climate conferences featuring government and business leaders are seen as a necessity if the world is to effectively fight climate change. After all, many of us have been taking measures in our own lives – making more eco-friendly purchasing decisions, improving household energy efficiencies, or donating/volunteering with climate change organizations – to do our part in the fight, but we feel there is more we can do if we mobilize together.

This call to action is the inspiration for the latest report in Dynata’s Global Consumer Trends research series – Global Consumer Trends: The Urgent Fight Against Climate Change – exploring the opinions and attitudes of global consumers on the current and future involvement of, and actions by, governments, businesses and individuals in the effort to slow or stop climate change around the world.

Using the responses of more than 12,000 consumers from 12 countries – including the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, China, Japan, India and Australia – Dynata’s Global Consumer Trends: The Urgent Fight Against Climate Change sought to uncover and understand the feelings of climate change believers on the most meaningful actions governments, businesses and individuals should take in response to the urgent climate change threat. The report reveals opinions on who should lead the fight – and whom they should join with – as well as the urgency to make the meaningful choices and actions that demonstrate the depth of commitment required to make an impact. Finally, it explores the opportunities that taking that action can bring, including the chance to emerge as a leader on the world stage.

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