Calling the wireless carriers: Is price really a game changer?

There’s lots of talk in the wireless industry. And we’re not referring to subscribers talking to one another. We’re speaking of all the chatter about how the wireless industry will look six months, a year, and three years from now.

New wireless entrants. Takeovers. Mergers. Local carriers going global. Popular handsets becoming exclusive. Other handset makers shunning exclusivity. Voice plans threatened by free apps. And so much more.

Wireless carriers, even those that are recording record profits, have good reason to be worried about what’s ahead.

That’s why one wireless carrier came to MaCorr Market Research Online.

They wanted to know what’s most important to their customers. They wanted to know if they’re satisfied. And they wanted to find out the correlation between satisfaction, important, and expectations.

We didn’t just look at overall satisfaction. We looked at everything.

Value for money. Contract length. Pricing. Choice of handsets. Coverage. Network reliability. Technical support satisfaction. Customer service perception. And even self-service and online experience.

While the results are confidential, we can tell you that the information helped our client fine-tune what was most important to their customers. And today, they’re able to offer a better experience plus better-perceived value—without having to lower their prices in preparation of a different wireless tomorrow.

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