“Market Research” Story

There is a good old story that is often narrated about a young boy and a wise old teacher.

Once upon a time there was a wise teacher who could answer every question that his students asked. But one day one of the students decided to trick the teacher.

He caught a butterfly, held it within his closed fist, and thought:
“I will ask the teacher, if the butterfly in my fist is dead or alive. If the teacher says “the butterfly is dead”, I’ll open my fist and the butterfly will fly.
On the other hand, if the teacher says “the butterfly is alive”, I’ll just crush the butterfly in my fist and the teacher will be wrong again.

So he asked the teacher if the butterfly in his fist was dead or alive. And the teacher said: “whether the butterfly is dead or alive, it depends on you”!

Whether it is about children’s education, a new house, or a critical business decision – the decision is in your hands.

And the role of market research is to help you make your business decisions with confidence, because when it is time to decide, knowing is much better than guessing.

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